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Itinerary Liburan Ke Korea Selatan (Seoul , Daejeon, Busan, Jeju)Dan Biayanya 2021 Ala Backpacker

Biaya liburan ke korea selatan

Jakarta-Seoul (Airport Tax)

  Rp                     150,000






Standar City Limousine (W 8,000)

KAL deluxe Limousine (W 13,000)


bus fares start from

  KRW                         800


Subway pertrip (W 900)

  KRW                      9,000





Seoul to Daejeon By Bus

Take the bus from the Seoul Bus terminal

  KRW                      7,000


Subway pertrip (W 900)



 Bus 841 (W 900, 20 minutes, every 15 minutes) links Seodaejeon bus terminal to Daejeon train station and the Dongdaejeon and axpress bus terminals. The useful bus 102 (W 1300, every 15 minutes) links Dongdaejeon bus terminal to the Science Museum, Yuseong Hot Springs and Gyeryongsan National park




Take the bus from Dongdaejeon Intercity bus terminal

  KRW                      4,500


Numerous Buses (W 850) run from near the bus termnal to downtown, while buses 105, 509 and others run to the train station.

Taxis are plentiful and cheap (W 1500 Flag fall)



Jeonju-Gwangju By Bus

Take the bus from the Express bus terminal

  KRW                      5,300


 Gwangju has over 80 city bus routes, and most run past the bus terminal that haas bus stops on all sides. Bus 17 (W 900, 20 minutes, every 15 minutes) runs between the bus terminal and Gwangju trani station



 The Subway (W 800, every 10 minutes) is being extended west to the airport. Buy a disc ticket and at the subway barrier hold the disc ticket over the yellow pad. When you reach your destination put the disc ticket into the slot at the exit barrier




Take the bus from intercity buses terminal

  KRW                      8,600


Yeosu-Jinju By Bus

  KRW                      8,600





Jinju-Busan By Bus

Take the bus from the north terminal Jinju

  KRW                      6,700


 Busan’s three-line subway uses a two-zone fare system: W 900 for one zone and W 1000 for longer trips. Purchasing a Hanaro card (W 2000 plus travel credits, availabe booths) is handy: you get a small discount on fares and avoid the hassle of buying a ticket for each trip








Jeju Islan

Busan - Jeju By Ferry

The Coastal Ferry terminal handles domestic departures to Jeju Island (one way W 36,000 depart 7pm, arrives 6am)

  KRW                   39,000



Smart bicycle perday (8am-7pm)

  KRW                      6,000



 Tabalo bicycle perday (W 8000, 8am-8pm)




















Jeju Island - Busan By Ferry

Take from Jeju ferry terminal

  KRW                   39,000




Take the bus from Dongbu bus terminal is located at Nopodong station on line 1.

  KRW                      5,300



 Many local buses (regular/deluxe W 900/1300) terminate just outside the intercity bus terminal,








Gyeongju-Daegu By Bus

  KRW                      3,300











Daegu-Andong By Bus

  KRW                      5,000















Andong-Wonju By Bus

  KRW                      6,000




  KRW                      5,000



Chuncheon - seoul

  KRW                      6,700


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