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7 Peralatan Hiking yang Wajib Dimiliki Para ‘Hikers’ Pemula Terbaru 2021

7 Peralatan Hiking yang Wajib Dimiliki Para ‘Hikers’ Pemula Terbaru 2021

Inilah beberapa peralatan penting untuk hiking : 


Passport + copy

Passport sized photograph (for VoA, for prepaid mobile phone number registration)

Ticket + copy

Printed insurance plan + copy

Credit / debit card used to purchase the ticket (IMPORTANT! FOR SILK AIR CUSTOMER)




Backpack (~40-45L with rain cover)

Daypack (~20-30L)

Locks (If the backpack is not top loading type)

Luggage Cover

Dry bag

Swiss Army Knife


Torch ( No need torch if you already have headlamp, weight issue)

Water bottle

Water purification tablet


Lip balm


Paramex / Panadol / Paracetamol

Vitamin B complex (Neurobion)




Counterpain / Tiger Balm / Salonpas



Plaster / Bandages

Tolak Angin

Diamox / Rhodiola

Tiedayaoqin / Betadine

Vitamin C / Energy supplement


Minyak kayu putih (smallest size) / minyak angin

Dettol antiseptic cream


Clothing: Head



Buff / balaclava / bandana



Spare glasses


Clothing: Upper Body

Thermal layer (Long Johns)

Long sleeved T-shirts

Short sleeved Dri-fit T-shirts

Fleece + wind breaker

Down Jacket  (Always always bring down jacket, fleece and wind breaker might be wet from walking/raining. So you will have dry down jacket once you get to the guesthouse)

Sport bra + seamless underwear (for ladies)  ( No need special bra, we're not running/jogging in the mountain. Normal bra will do)


Clothing: Lower Body

Thermal layer (Long Johns)

Parachute pants

Fleece pants / Sweat Pants

Disposable underwear / underwear (seamless underwear for ladies)


Clothing: Hands

Fleece / wool gloves

Waterproof gloves


Clothing: Feet

Hiking shoes / boots (Must be worn-in by trip departure)

Sandal /flip flop (For use in lodge)

Trekking socks

Cotton socks

Warmer socks


Other Items

Camera + extra battery + charger (Try to bring extra batteries and leave the charger)

Mobile phone + charger ( Leave your fancy smartphone at home, there is only limited coverage in the mountain anyway. Just enjoy the nature leave all your gadgets at home. For Gokyo trek, the coverage is available up to Dole)

MP3 player + charger

Portable charger

Plastic bag

Ziploc bag

Ear plugs

Travel clothes line



Personal Items

Micro fiber towel

Bathing needs

Liquid soap


Face cleaner (Bring the cleansing wipes, don't take face cleaner that involve water)

Body lotion

Tooth brush

Tooth paste


Body wipes ( If you are trekking less than 5 days, body wipe is not needed. For Gokyo trek, there is no shower available after Namche)

Shoe deodorant

Detergent (small sachet)

Hand sanitizer

Hair band (for ladies)



Meat floss

Dried meat

Chili sauce / sweet soy sauce



Pocari Sweat

*Snickers / Mars / Energy bar (buy in Kathmandu) 

*Sweets (buy in Kathmandu)

*Chips / biscuit (buy in Kathmandu) 



Zip and send all necessary documents to e-mail address

Enable international roaming for urgent case / Nepal local number (buy in Kathmandu) ( There's is limited network coverage along the trek, usually there is no network coverage at all in higher altitude, you can make international satelite call in most of the guesthouse, the charge for calling Indonesia is approximately NPR250~ per minute)

Tripod for cameras (Bring only if you're photography enthusiast and still have spaces in your backpack)

Books / maps

Travel guides

UNO / Playing cards

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