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DLS Paris Saint-Germain PSG Profile Data For Dream League Soccer

DLS Paris Saint-Germain PSG  Profile Data For Dream League Soccer

You don't have to bother yourself and wasting your time to create PSG team on Dream League Soccer, you can have now PSG team on your Dream League Soccer by downloading PSG 2021 profile data which have PSG players and unlimited coins.



If you are PSG fan it's your chance now to have PSG team on your Dream League Soccer, you can download this profile data to get psg team.

The profile data have unlimited coins to help you be able to develop players, buy players, heal players and upgrading stadium whenever needed.

Also you are going to get 


Players List


First Eleven

K. Navas (GK)
L. Kurzawa (LB)
K. Koulibaly (CB)
T. Silva (CB)
T Alexander Arnold (RB)
O. Dembele (CM)
P. Dybala (CM)
P. Coutinho (CM)
A. Griezmann (CF)
Neymar Jr. (WF)
Mbappe (CF)





Edinson Cavani (CF)

Di Maria (LM)

Kante (CM)


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#File no 1

PSG Save Data File

This file below is a ZIP file therefore you have to extract it after downloading it.

This file contains kits, logo and profile.dat with unlimited coins inside it, therefore if you download this file you are going to get PSG full kits, PSG team and unlimited coins.


How to install PSG save data on Dream League Soccer!!?

To install PSG Save Data you have to do the following steps;


·         Download Zarchiver App or any App for un-zip files

·         Download PSG Save Data

·         Open PSG Save Data with Zarchiver App to extract it

·         Copy or move the folder named "Files" to android/data/com.firsttouchgames.dls3

·         Paste or Replace "Files" folder inside com.firsttouchgames.dls3.

Download Save Data 2.13MB



#File no 2

PSG profile.dat

The file below is profile.dat which is not zip.

The difference between this file and the above is that this file is smaller than the above, if you download this file you will get PSG team and unlimited coins but you won't get PSG kits and logo.


How to install PSG profile.dat on Dream League Soccer!!?

To install PSG profile.dat file on you have to follow below steps;


·         Download PSG profile.dat 

·         Open File Manager

·         Go to android/data/com.firsttouchgames.dls3/file

·         Find the file named "profile.dat" then delete it

·         Go to your downloads where PSG "profile.dat" you have downloaded is located

·         Copy or Cut PSG profile.dat 

·         Go to android/data/com.firsttouchgames.dls3/file

·         Paste the profile.dat.

Download profile.dat 33.3KB


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